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What is the Brit Butt Rally ?


Basically the Brit Butt Rally is an excuse to ride your bike all over the UK visiting places you have never seen or heard of before. The objective of participants  in the rally is to collect as many points as possible, over a 36 hour period from 6:00 am on Saturday through till 6:00 pm on Sunday. Points are awarded for visiting various locations detailed in the rally bonus book. Typically there are between 60 & 70 bonuses available.  The bonus book will be handed to  each rider prior to the Rally start on Friday evening allowing plenty of time to plan a route.  Each location is allocated a points value, it will be impossible to visit all of the locations within the time period allowed and each rider must decide which bonuses they are going to try to visit, every rider plans their own route to suit their bike and riding style.


Riders then have to provide proof of visiting the bonus locations to claim the points value. The bonus description will state exactly what proof is required. It will usually be a photograph. It may be a receipt. It may be something else.

Our ralliies are non competitive, they are designed to be  fun & safe events. Speeding will not get you a finish or be tolerated, It will only get you points on your license, disqualified or worse. Historically, riders who can calculate a high bonus yielding route whilst maintaining a sensible average speed achieve the highest scores.


To ensure rider safety a compulosry 3 hour "sleep bonus" needs to be documented on Saturday night and riders are encouraged to rest as and when they feel it's required during the event.

"Many are called, few are chosen"